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Bavarian Decanter & Shot Glass Set by Anheuser-Busch

24 Mar

Wunderbar! Who can resist such an adorable collection?! We were instantly drawn to this traditionally German-styled set by its beautiful coloring and detail. The artisan faux “aging” technique gives it so much rustic charm and character. That cobalt blue glaze is so lustrous, very eye-catching. 

This is one of those treasure hunt finds that starts out as love at first sight based solely on appearances, but ends up completely surprising you with its degree of rarity, too. Some careful research shed light on the origin and process of this collection – what a gem!

Anheuser-Busch Ceramarte German Decanter & Shot Glass Set

This 7-piece collection was created exclusively for Anheuser-Busch / Budweiser as a LIMITED EDITION promotional set in 1976. It includes a highly-detailed decanter with cork stopper and six matching shot glass cups in traditional Bavarian styling.

Everything in this set is made of thick, quality ceramic and is hand painted. All pieces feature a wonderful raised design, adding great texture!

Each piece is highly stylized, crafted with a rough paint technique in brown on the exteriors, creating a faux “aged” effect.

The center imagery on both sides of the decanter (boy and girl kissing on the front, a floral spray on the back) features a striking, deep cobalt blue glaze background.

The six matching cups are each adorned with the same costumed figures – three cups with the girl, three cups with the boy.

Truly a colorful, fun, quaint little set to own – whether for decorative purposes in the home bar, or for functional use. Definitely an eye-catching conversation piece!

This collection is in great vintage condition. No chips, cracks, or structural damage found to any piece. We’ve gently cleaned this set prior to listing, and as you can see, the brown “aged” appearance is artist-applied, NOT dirt or wear. Clean interiors on all pieces. No signs of past use (other than display, perhaps) found.

The set was created as a limited edition promotional product for Anheuser-Busch / Budweiser in 1976 by Ceramarte, Brazil. It is completely hand painted, and all pieces bear the signature logo backstamp of Ceramarte.

The decanter is marked “Coracao” stamped in the mold. Model number (as identified in collector’s catalogs) is CS31, part of the “Early Years” collection.

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Gorgeous Blue Ombre Stoneware Pottery Set

8 Mar

This vintage tea set is such a stunning find! Initially, we were drawn to the absolutely gorgeous hues of blue – definitely an eye-catcher. But to touch, hold, and feel the true weight and beauty of this handmade stoneware pottery in all its glory really takes it to the next level! Such a fabulous, unique collection. One of our all-time shop favorites, for sure!

Stoneware Pottery Tea Set, Signed Raquel Pérez, Venezuela

Gorgeous shades of periwinkle and pastel blues accent this natural stoneware vintage pottery with a brilliant ombre effect. Natural, charming, and perfect for cottage chic kitchen styling!

This listing includes a large tea set signed by studio pottery artist Raquel Pérez of Taller Artesanal, Venezuela. All pieces are included as shown: six teacups, a creamer pitcher, a lidded sugar bowl, and the perfectly-sized serving tray to complete the collection.

Excellent vintage condition. No chips, cracks, or structural damage found. Extremely light shelf wear is apparent on the bottom of the tray; otherwise, there are no signs of past use or wear.

Each piece in this lovely collection is stamped on the bottom by “Taller Artesanal” pottery studio.

The creamer pitcher bears an original hang tag, secured with soft rope, stamped with “Raquel Pérez, hecho a mano (handmade), Venezuela” as well.

This unique serving ware was crafted for utilitarian use and offered for sale at local markets. The overall beauty and charm made them exquisite tourist souvenirs and gifts, which is likely how this brilliant find made its way back to the USA, circa 1970’s.

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Old Hollywood Cinema Tripod by Craig Thalhammer

1 Mar

The never-ending search for vintage treasures leads us to some incredible finds! We were excited when we stumbled on this interesting antique – a real treat for home decorators, upcyclers, collectors, and movie buffs alike!

Craig Thalhammer Cinema Tripod by Craig Movie Supply Co. 

Lights, camera, action! Add a hint of Old Hollywood to your home or upcycle projects with this authentic antique Craig Thalhammer cinema tripod by Craig Movie Supply Company of Los Angeles, California.

This unit is complete with all original parts and equipment, including “rigidized” two-section legs of hardwood and chromium-plated steel, Craig’s “Sure Foot” points that pivot from rubber tread to spur for a steady grip on any surface, and patented Kino Pano tilt head (model T-98) with secure camera-mounting point.

The tilt head offers a full 360 degree pan and 125 degree tilt, with numbered dial on the base. Handle extends out with an easy-grip black hard-plastic bulb tip.

This tripod is in good used vintage condition. As far as we can tell, this unit is totally complete with all parts in good working order. All knobs and adjusters turn smoothly and are functional. Legs extend and retract fully, without hesitation.

The tilt head itself secures perfectly to the tripod, with only a tiny bit of loose “wiggle” which should not affect its functionality whatsoever. The legs swing open and closed very loosely, very easily.

There is wear overall, showing great character of age, including scuffs, scratches, and surface blemishes to all wood areas. Plenty of gorgeous patina and surface wear apparent to all metal components, too – heaviest in the foot areas.

An iconic piece of history by one of the most well-known names in movie supplies – an interesting accent for any home space and a unique gift idea for the movie buff in your life!

Antique Delfts Schoonhoven Clock Case

21 Feb

Every so often, we stumble upon a truly remarkable find. On a recent treasure hunt, we came across this beautiful antique clock. With one glance at the backstamp, Arnold was hooked! You see, he’s a recently-immigrated-to-the-USA Dutch citizen, and he loves the rare Delft collectibles. We had a great time researching this piece!

Hand Painted Porcelain Mantle Clock by Delfts Schoonhoven, Made in Holland

Exquisite! This beautiful antique clock case is an extremely rare find with an interesting history. Unlike the common “Delft Blauw” (blue) collectibles, this piece is “Gekleurd Delfts” (colored).

It features an elegantly detailed hand painted pink stork (traditionally symbolic Dutch “ooievaar”) and floral scene on the face, with matching flourishes and details on the top, sides, and feet. A stand-out piece for any Delft collection, and an exceptional touch of vintage for your mantle!

This clock was made in Holland, at Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven (PS). This factory, founded in 1920, operated as a small family-owned business 15 kilometers south of Gouda, a major center in Delft Pottery. Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven is one of the few Delft pottery companies still in operation, now known as Schoonhoven Keramiek.

Despite our research efforts, we have not been able to put an exact date to the age of this clock case (it does not bear a typical alphabetic date code). Our best estimate is circa 1930’s to 1940’s based on the crafting styles, techniques, and history of the company.

The backstamp on this piece includes a crown symbol, sometimes referring to “Royal Delft”, with the signature “PS” marking indicating the manufacturer Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven. It is also marked “Gelk.” (gekleurd, colored) “Delfts, Schoonhoven, Holland, Hand Painted,” with a model number “6229”.

The clock case itself is in great antique condition. There are no chips or cracks found. Heavy crazing exists throughout the piece, showing great character of age. For more information, click on the photos to visit the listing directly, and feel free to contact us with any questions!


The Berghoff Chicago

25 Jan

Last week, we listed an amazing set of authentic restaurant ware from The Berghoff in Chicago. Picking and selling vintage is always a learning experience full of interesting information and history, and we feel this set deserves a little extra recognition!

Do you know The Berghoff?

If you’re from the Windy City, this name is likely very common to you! The Berghoff Restaurant is one of Chicago’s most famous landmarks and brings some very unique history to the table.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commonsvia photographer David K. Staub.

Located right smack in the center of Chicago’s Loop at 17 West Adams Street, The Berghoff has built its long-standing, iconic image on its original-label beer brand and authentic flavors in the German cuisine niche.

Pioneered and developed by German immigrant Herman Berghoff, the restaurant was opened in 1898 – just five years after Herman debuted his family-recipe beer to the city at the Chicago’s World’s Fair of 1893.

The Berghoff Restaurant itself actually began life as a bar, and during the prohibition period, it survived by marketing a non-alcoholic beer (now known as Berghoff’s Root Beer) and becoming a full-service restaurant. When prohibition was repealed in 1933, The Berghoff was issued Chicago’s very first liquor license (No. 1).

Another interesting historical aspect of The Berghoff lies in the segregation practices of the era. Until 1969 – long after most other restaurants and bars ended gender segregation – The Berghoff remained a men’s-only bar. This changed when members of the National Organization for Women held a sit-in at the bar, demanding service.

The Berghoff was slated to close in 2006, but descendants of Herman Berghoff continued to operate a small basement cafe afterwards. A few months later, The Berghoff Bar was back up and running, and the operation is now back to full-service restaurant status.

According to Wikipedia, in 2007, ‘The Berghoff reopened with a new menu. It’s now considered German cuisine fused with Contemporary American, tagged as “tradition with a twist.”‘

Recently, we came across this incredible set of vintage Berghoff restaurant ware on our treasure hunting adventures, and it was simply too good to pass by! We are now offering it up for sale in our Etsy shop, One Rusty Nail.

I’m fairly confident in saying that you won’t find another set like this very easily. Sometimes you’ll be lucky to find a single piece here or there, but very rarely such a complete centerpiece serving collection as this. Read on for more information directly from our listing page:

 “A perfect addition to your Berghoff collection, or perhaps a unique gift for the Chicago native! This listing includes everything as pictured, all in very heavy duty, thick, quality ceramic. Stunning bold contrast of black, white and red. Hard to find pieces, offered here in an instant collection!

In excellent used condition, the only noted flaw is some chipping and wear damage to the inside of the cream pitcher’s lid, as shown. This damage is not visible on the outside, and does not affect the usability or visual quality of the set. No other chips, cracks, paint wear, or flaws noted. The glaze is lustrous and glossy, with no crazing found.

Each piece, with the exception of the cream pitcher, is marked with “The Berghoff Chicago” scripted logo. There are no other manufacturer’s markings. The exact age and origin of this set is unknown. We’ve done a lot of searching for background information on these pieces, and the closest we’ve come to knowing is estimated circa 1970’s, possibly earlier.”

For more information, click here to visit the complete listing page.