Cooking With Retro Flavors

15 Oct

Warm potato donuts. Goulash made with fresh garden vegetables. Moist, rich chocolate cake. Christmas caramel corn. When I think of the days I spent as a kid in Grandma’s kitchen, those are the first flavors that come to mind!

But beyond Gram’s delicious comfort foods, I can also fondly recall the moments in that kitchen. Grandma and I chitchatting over coffee and cookies while Grandpa read the newspaper. Hauling out the cards and puzzles for an afternoon of games at the kitchen table. The windows were always open; the birds always singing. And something tasty was always simmering on Gram’s stove.

Years later, I now own Grandpa and Gram’s old house. I’m sitting here in the kitchen as we speak. After my grandparents passed away, I gradually started sorting all the items in the cupboards, stumbling upon a gem here and there that would spark some of my most wonderful childhood memories of this place.

Part of our love of vintage is inspired by things we find most comforting based on our fondest memories. We take pleasure once again in the warm, welcoming pieces of our pasts.

Mid-century kitchens were not state-of-the-art technology centers. Most weren’t filled with luxuries or fancy gadgets we see so often today. They were designed for more cozy enjoyment and simple values, like sharing a cup of coffee with a neighbor, or gathering up the family at the table for dinner every night. The kitchens of the past were the heart of the home – the gathering place to begin and end each day with loved ones.

Perhaps that comforting nostalgic notion is the principle for today’s current vintage trends – especially when it comes to the kitchen.

Take a moment to think back on your own childhood kitchen. What are your most vivid memories?

More importantly, what specific tangible items do you recall? Certain colors or shapes come to mind?

I’ve cleaned up those mementos and put them back to use in my own kitchen – Gram’s little cast iron owl trivets hang proudly by the stove, serving as a constant reminder of her delicious dishes. The old clock, restored to working condition again, has a place of honor over the table. All the pot holders, cookbooks, and special handwritten recipes are now timeless treasures. I’ve kept all the towels, linens, curtains… always serving as a little hint of the softness, warmth, and comfort of this room.

It is a welcoming, homespun mix of modern necessities and nostalgic memories.

Vintage treasures are our link to the past, as well as our legacy for the future.

Build your one-of-a-kind kitchen by surrounding yourself with mementos of your childhood and your family. I guarantee you will find more peace, comfort, and tranquility in your space!

For more retro kitchen inspiration, visit our shop on Etsy. We have lots of wonderful household items that are sure to spark up some creative retro decorating ideas, priced to fit any budget. Give the gift of vintage and bring back those fond memories for loved ones too!

Leave a comment or contact me with your favorite childhood kitchen memory and I’ll send you a coupon code for 20% off any household item in our shop!


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