Upcycled Collection Launch Coupon!

27 Sep

Upcycling is defined as “the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value” (via Wikipedia).

Last night, we introduced our newest shop section: the Upcycled Collection! If you missed it, click and have a peek at 8 new upcycled pottery shard necklace listings!

We are so excited to start listing our upcycled creations because it’s something we truly love to do. We’ve been gathering great vintage finds for so long now, and as you can imagine, we do come across broken or damaged pieces now and then… but we never throw them out! We stockpile them until an upcycling opportunity comes along!

I made my first upcycled pottery necklace a while back. (Did you know I also have a handmade jewelry shop on Etsy? It’s another hobby of mine!) I loved the eco-friendly concept of recycling a broken piece of history into a unique statement necklace, and you wouldn’t believe how many comments (and then full blown conversations!) I got when I wore it.

Since then, I’ve had requests for pottery shard necklaces and earrings from family and friends to use as gifts, and the idea of introducing this interesting jewelry line to One Rusty Nail was born.

Arnold and I have been busy picking through our stock of broken pottery to find pretty patterns. We then further break the pieces down into usable sized shards. We spend some time with our Dremel tools, carefully sanding all along the perimeter edges of each shard for total soft smoothness, then drill a hole.

I’ve been hanging the shard pendants on pretty silver tone chain thus far, but I’m considering branching into sterling silver, gunmetal, and copper chain with future pieces, as well as suede cord, or lace for chokers… the possibilities are endless! And YES, we’re taking custom requests and orders!

To celebrate the launch of our Upcycled Collection and newly listed jewelry, we’re offering a very special coupon code valid for the next 48 hours – 25% off any necklace purchase! Just use coupon code NECKLACE25 during checkout to receive the discount! It only applies to our upcycled jewelry, and it’s only valid for the next 48 hours!

We’re also offering FREE SHIPPING on any necklace when combined with any other purchase from our shop!

And, receive a FREE NECKLACE with any total shop order of $100+!

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting some historical background info on our newly listed necklace shards soon!


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