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2 Sep

Good morning, friends! I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend!

Shop News & New Items

Last week, we had a bit of hiatus from our usual shop routine of adding new items daily. I’m happy to report that the pause is now over! I was a bit sidetracked with two photography jobs that came up last weekend. Now, of course I’m not complaining – I do love my photography work too! We’re back on schedule now, though, with LOTS of new items ready to list this week!

And by LOTS, I do mean LOTS! I think I may have a hard time keeping up with our stock of great new stuff… and it just keeps coming! We’ve been fortunate to come across many “treasure hunting” opportunities lately, and if you could see the boxes piled in our kitchen right now, you would know I’m not exaggerating in the least!

We’ll have lots of vintage glass items coming online this week, including some beautiful colored glass, cups and saucer sets, unique bottles, formal stemware sets, and even another lot of the trendy blue Ball Mason jars!

We’ve come across some great rare collectibles, too. Occupied Japan pieces, antique carved wooden Oriental trinket boxes, brass and pewter figurine miniatures, and Noritake serving sets, just to name a few – all coming online shortly.

If you’re on the hunt for vintage wedding accents, keep an eye out for some beautiful stemware and interesting vases as well.

Notes on Relisted Items

Now, we’ve just passed our four-month anniversary of when we started listing very seriously on our shop. If you’re familiar with Etsy, you know that listings are active for four months, then they expire. When items expire, they can be relisted. We’ve decided to take a new approach to our relisting process, in an “out with the old, in with the new” fashion.

When we relist an item, in most cases, we will be putting it back online at a great discount – typically 20-50% less than its original asking price. So far, this method has proved to be a strong influence. Not only will it offer the items back up at a great deal, but it sheds a new light on treasures that may have been previously overlooked so many pages back in the shop.

The idea is good for everyone – our visitors and customers save some money, the items find new homes, and we get to make space on our shelves for our new finds!

Fall is Around the Corner!

September is upon us, and seasonal decor preparation is at its peak! With Autumn in mind, we’ve geared a lot of our new listings towards seasonal decorating recently. Beautiful amber, orange, yellow, gold, and brown will be popping up in our shop throughout the month of September. Stay tuned for some neat Fall themed items and great home decor inspiration all month long!

Here’s a quick peek at a few recently listed Fall decor ideas:

Come visit One Rusty Nail on Etsy to see what we have in store today!


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